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Globaltec Labs is a software development company based in Armenia. We provide IT outsourcing services for Software & High-Tech, Media & Entertainment, Retail & Distribution, Travel & Hospitality, Healthcare and Financial companies. We take pride in our work and provide cost-effective and user-friendly software solutions.

Why work with us?

Access the talent pool of Armenia - Armenia is a tiny piece of land with just 3 million people living in it. Yet, over 1% of our people are software developers. Working with us, you will have access to the most brilliant minds of our times with innovation and quality software developing in their DNA.

Offshoring and Nearshoring  - You might be reluctant to outsource your software developing project to an offshore company. You have a good reason for that. Over half of offshore software development projects fail because of bad communication, cultural gaps and wrong cost estimations. We are more than just an offshore software development company. We offer all the advantages of an offshoring firm, while also avoiding the issues related to it, by being so close to you.

Agility - We take agile approach for any of our IT outsourcing projects. Our process starts with thorough planning. We break the project into smaller, more manageable pieces before we start the development. Our agile approach sets us apart from others and guarantees a higher success rate for our projects.

Reputation - The key to our success in providing high-quality outsourcing services to our clients is our culture and approach. Our clients and their success are at the core of our business. This focus has resulted in long-standing relationships with our clients and consistent growth.